in part-naturist tours in South Africa

mainly for

naturists from Europe but also from other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA etc

other tours

offered are to Europe and on boats

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Margretha en Jacob

We have Amanda and Lofty met at resort Sun Eden, what really is a Paradise. What a vers Nice people! We are a full dat with them om Path. They brought us to a cultural park, a cosy market and shows us a wonderful wildlifepark. Cosy had lunch. It was as if we were in

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The Mackies

We’ve known Joxilox since 2015 and know the effort Lofty and Amanda puts into compiling the perfect tours for their clients. We can highly recommend their tours – you’re in for a super, great time in their company. Enjoy the benefits of naturism while experiencing the country.

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Our Visit To Valalta Naturist Resort, Croatia

I hope that I can describe our holiday at Valalta without it sounding like an exaggeration but at the same time I need to give Valalta the credit that it deserves, so here goes: It would be unfair to compare Valalta with any other resort, so I am just going to mention our one week

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The Striptease Trail at Tsitsikamma

Amanda and I had heard about the Striptease Trail at the Tsitsikamma Lodge and we had put it on our bucket list. We noticed that members of the facebook group of Eastern Cape Naturist Association (ECNA) were planning to do the Striptease Trail and we let them know that we would also like to join

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President of NFN Visits South Africa

We met Garmt Kolhorn at the INF Congress in Ireland in September, 2014. He is the President of the Naturisten Federatie Nederland which has 60,000 paid-up members and 12 full-time staff and their Federation has, by far, the most votes at the INF Congress. Their Federation also has a lot of experience with legal matters

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Naturist Tour Operators from Germany and Netherlands Visit Joxilox Tours and SunEden April 2016

Amanda and I met Christy-Anne, the owner of Internatuur, in Netherlands at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in July, 2015. We then invited her to visit us at SunEden and she accepted. Our naturist tour operator business, Joxilox Tours, had applied to become a member of Natunion International, a group of reputable naturist tour operators

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